Herat Antique Oriental Rugs

In the coming weeks, at regular intervals, we shall be posting articles that may be of interest to those with a recent interest in collecting antique and semi-antique rugs and tribal weavings.

Many of the articles will address questions that are frequently asked of me by those new to this wonderful field of collecting.

If you have a question or subject about which you would like to learn more, please let us know and we'll help you out.


  1. The Auction: Is It A Good Place To Buy A Rug ?
  2. The Internet Auction: Gold Mine or Fool's Gold?
  3. What's Wrong With The Buyer's Premium?
  4. On-Line Auction: A Real Life Horror Story
  5. Synthetic Dyes: A Collector's Perspective
  6. Rugs and Repairs: An Introduction
  7. Restoration:  How Much Is Too Much?
  8. A Game of "Hide and Seek"
  9. The Integrated Collection: An Organized Approach for the ‘New’ Collector
  10. An Integrated Collection: Why?
  11. A UPS Experience
  12. Cochineal Dye: Is it Synthetic?
  13. Cochineal Dye and the Dating of Turkish Rugs


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