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A Game of ‘Hide and Seek’.

Some time ago, I wrote a short and admittedly sarcastic article about the refusal of most dealers to display the selling price of material they are offering to the public. (See # 8).

The volume of response to this article was significant. The sentiment was uniform.

Not surprisingly, people do not like it when dealers play ‘hide and seek’ with them on the subject of price.

Some people found this ploy to be ‘insulting’. Others thought it demonstrated ‘dealer arrogance’.

If this practice is offensive to you, let the dealer know.

Of course, a more fundemental issue is whether one should do business with a dealer who plays this game of ‘hide and seek’.

Words such as ‘trust’, ‘professionalism’, ‘credibility’ and ‘transparency’ are a few that come to mind.

In the end, the decision is, of course, a personal one.

Or, to be more accurate, it is not only a personal decision but a financial one.

After all, there is a reason why the game of ‘hide and seek’ is played by so many dealers.

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