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Afshar Rug
Southwest Persia
2' 9" x 4' 5"
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The imaginative use of a variety of south Persian tribal design elements creates a field composition that is extremely rare, possibly unique. 


One sees an interesting amalgamation of design influences corroborating the thesis that with the passage of time the distinction between 'tribal' and 'village' weaving did, indeed, became very tentative.


The borders of this rug have the formality and structure of a finely woven village weaving.


Yet, the field display is spontaneous, free-flowing, the very essence of a genuine tribal rug


The unadorned arms extending from the medallions are also a common feature of Arab-Khamseh weaving and suggest an inter-tribal influence.


The unusual tree-like figures in the field are similar to motifs seen in weavings of the Baharlu and Ainlu, both sub-tribes of the Khamseh Confederation.


The specific tonality of the reddish-orange and yellow of this rug is very unusual.


About mid-rug, the blue disappears from one border stripe and is replaced with a strong, deeply saturated green.


The use of green to outline the stepped medallions continues yet the blue does not completely disappear but continues, in a modified degree, as an accent color.


All the colors are from natural dye sources.


Condition:   The rug has low even wear; however, there is no damage to the foundation of the rug, there are no holes or wear creases.  There is minor damage in portions of the sides.


Wool, two-plied, natural ivory with significant warp displacement.


Wool, two-plied, natural brown with two wefts between each row of knots.                                  




Multiple warp units are bundled into two cords.  These cords are interlaced with blue and reddish-orange wool. Portions of the original have survived.


There is approximately 1 1/2 mm. of weft-substitution patterning immediately adjacent to the pile end with approximately 2 mm. of complimentary-weft weave in a chevron design on the outer end of the rug. 



$4,500 (currency converter)
No similar or analogous examples found in the literature.
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