Herat Antique Oriental Rugs




Baluch Bag Face

Khorassan Region

Northeast Persia

24” x 23”


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This bag face has many features typically attributed to genuine tribal weavings in the ‘Baluch’ tradition.

The wool is outstanding.  The pile is thick and has a rich, lustrous tactile quality.

The colors are from natural dye sources.

The tonality of the piece is somber, again, in the traditional of  genuine tribal weaving from the region.

The palette, however, is exceptionally varied and wide-ranging. 

The colors include an indigo-blue, a greenish-blue, madder red, a brownish-red, aubergine, burgundy and very restrained use of ivory.

Condition:  The piece is slightly reduced at the ends and sides, although a small portion of the original plaited selvedge in camel or goat hair has survived. 

There are several small areas of old moth damage at the bottom of the central, field square.

A portion of the original animal hair attachment has also survived.

With the exception of the moth damage, the pile is full.
Wool, natural ivory.  Most warps are on one level with small areas of slight warp displacement (depression).

Wool, natural shades of brown.

Asymmetrical inclined to the left.

Most of the original side construction has been lost.  Although a small portion of the original plaited selvedge with goat or animal hair has survived.


Most of the original ends have been lost.  There is a small portion of plain weave with extra weft decorative wrapping at one end. This is original to the weaving.


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