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Bamileke Ndop Shirt
Cameroon Grasslands Region
West Africa


25” x 35”         (approximately)

Mid-20th Century
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This is a ndop sleeveless shirt made in the famous resist-stitched, indigo-dyed cloth of the Bamileke of the grasslands Cameroon.

Attribution of the term ndop is thought to have originated from the work of Venice and Alastair Lamb.

The Lambs identified the source of the Nigerian ndop as Wukari although both Nigerian and Cameroonian ndop are in use.

The basic fabric of Bamileke ndop is strip woven cotton cloth.

The geometric resist designs are then stitched using strong raphia thread.

The stitched cloth is then taken to be dyed blue in dye-pits.

The dyed cloth is transported back to the Bamileke where the raphia stitches are unpicked using a sharp knife or razor.

The design of this work is traditional and includes a depiction of the kola nut, crocodile scales and hunting net motifs.

Condition:       Excellent.  There are no stains, areas of wear or damage. 

$675 (currency converter)
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