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Kungrad Chavadan Face
Kyrgyz, Southern Tajikistan


18” x 35”

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The field design is a traditional one inspired by textile motifs of  the region.

The top and bottom borders are decorated with simple multi-colored boxes.  Each box has a smaller box within the larger form.

There is a narrow border along the sides.

These borders, in a variation of the tumarcha design, are framed in the traditional black.

The dyes are from all natural sources.  There are no dye runs.

Condition:  Very good.  There are several small areas of minor wear.  The piece is otherwise in full pile.  There is some wear or pile loss to the sides and ends.

Wool and camel hair in a blend of natural shades of brown, ivory and gray.  There is no warp displacement.

Wool, in a blend of natural shades of brown and gray. There is one weft line between each row of knots.

Asymmetrical inclined to the right

The sides are a combination of the original and portions of repair.    The original is in weft return technique, while the repair is not. 

Similar to the sides, the ends are both original and repaired. The original is in weft return technique, while the repair is not.
Moderately heavy.
$1,800 (currency converter)

I recognize that some will disagree with my Kyrgyz attribution, preferring Uzbek.
I recognize that some will disagree with my spelling of Kyrgyz, preferring Kirgiz.

It is the ‘nature of the beast’ when it comes to a ‘scholarly’ discussion of these non-Turkmen weavings.

I have listed several references for those who wish to venture into this quagmire.


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