Herat Antique Oriental Rugs

Qarabagh Side Panel, Central Transcaucasia
16” x 38” (approximately)
Cat. #:

This mafrash side panel has the long, narrow design format common
among Qarabagh side panels.

The borders feature the abdul burum motif on a palette of white cotton.

The abdul burun constructs are flanked by ‘crab’ motifs (star-like figures
connected by ‘arms’) on a yellow ground.

These stripes balance the composition and provide a certain visual unity.

The piece has the sturdy, tight handle associated with the 2/1 weave.

The primary field design is clearly related to the classic Anatolian eli
belinde (‘hands at the waist’ or ‘arms akimbo’) and are here displayed in
alternating shades of red, green and indigo.

The design principle utilized in the field is one of having a whole motif
alternating with opposed halved motifs in an endless repeat.

The colors are from natural dye sources.

Excellent. There are two small (3 cm and 4 cm), good
quality repairs in the bottom corners.

$1500 (currency converter)
Wertime, John, Sumak Bags of Northwest Persia and Transcaucasia, plate
# 109 at p. 179.
(Qarabagh bedding bag end panel with border design similar to this field

Azadi, Siawosch and Andrews, Peter, Mafrash, pages 112 – 113.
(Shahsavan mafrash with abdul burun motif with similar secondary

Tanavoli, Shahsavan, plate # 50.
(‘Crab’ border stripe on yellow ground)
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