Herat Antique Oriental Rugs




Shahsavan Side Panel

Moghan-Savalan Region

Northeast Azarbayjan


3’ x 3’11”



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The star (olduz) is the most popular Shahsavan motif.


It is seen in its origin form or variations thereof in most of their weavings.


In the original, the star has eight points and is configured as a cross with notched limbs.


The composition of this weaving could reasonably be titled, Stars.


The two large field panels have three distinct renderings based on the star motif.


First, there is a star enclosed within a diamond shape.


Secondly, there is a frequently seen variation in which multiple parallel lines radiate outward from the main body of the star.


These lines have been interpreted to represent rays of light.


Finally, there are small, free-floating stars used as secondary elements.


There is a significant range of color each from natural dye sources; these include shades of red from both madder root and insect cochineal.


The dark blue ground provides an effective palette upon which to display the field elements.


Condition:     Good. There are scattered, good-quality repairs. The side wrap is not original but is in good condition. The weaving has been professionally washed and is essentially clean. It is, however, a very old and very genuine tribal artifact which was actually used in the daily life of the one who created it. Thus, there is deeply embedded residue which has not been and perhaps cannot be completely removed in the washing process. I consider this to be a positive from the perspective of the collector and woven art historian.


Slit-tapestry with sumac used in the narrow divider bands.


Moderately supple.


$2,500 plus shipping. (currency converter)

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