Herat Antique Oriental Rugs


Persian Rug Fragment
Northwest Persia

30" x 52" (includes backing)
76 x 132 cm

18th Century
Cat. #:

The following comments are very brief and offered for the purpose of contributing some context for viewing this archaic, battered but still impressive weaving.

The harchang design is a result of an evolutionary process traceable to an earlier group of carpets usually labeled Indo-Herat or Indo-Persian.

Although the pile on this fragment has considerable wear it shows several essential elements and the classic configuration one sees in an 18th century harchang design.

The Indo-Herats and Indo-Persians of the period are characterized in part by opposed palmettes on a vertical axis.

This feature is shared with a classic harchang field design.

In our example these elements are seen in the palmettes along the right edge of this fragment.

The top palmette is a light red while the bottom is white or ivory.

Along the same vertical axis both the Indo-Herat and the harchang show a series of floral motifs and palmettes.

Over time and many generations the inevitable modifications, changes and, some say, degenerative process impacted upon and altered the classic composition.

Yet, the birth of something new and, on occasion, aesthetically significant need not be a bad thing.

And, in addition, we can still enjoy, preserve and respect a weaving such as this noble fragment.


As shown.


The backing on which this piece was mounted is such that a complete and accurate examination is difficult. So I decided to forego it.




$1,800.00 (currency converter)

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