Herat Antique Oriental Rugs


Uzbek/Arab Julhyr Rug
Western Afghanistan

44" x 81" (+/-)
(111 x 205 cm)

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There is an obvious reason why genuine utilitarian weavings made by nomadic, tribal people are rare.

First, they were made to be used by the family or tribal unit; although some were eventually sold, the motivation for their creation was not commercial.

Secondly, because they were functional objects, they got 'used up'. Most were eventually discarded. Those that survive were usually battered and worn.

Many collectors search for things being offered as both 'rare' and in 'perfect condition with no repairs, no damage and no wear'. In reality, this 'mating' seldom exists.

In this rug, the simple, repeat diamond field articulates a primitive visual presences lacking in later examples.

This ancient visual language eventually succumbed to the commercialism of animal motifs, humanoid figures and the like.

The foundation of narrow, multi-panels is an ancient tradition; one absence in later examples.

The light blue may be polychromatic; the other colors appear to be from natural dye sources. All the colors remain strong with no furtive dyes.


Very good. There is one small area of damage along the outer edge and several areas of modest wear in the field.


The foundation consists of four (4) narrow stripes. The stripes are sewed together to form the completed rug.

Warps consists primarily of natural, dark brown camel or goat hair. Some warps combine plied sheep's wool and camel or goat hair.

Wool, natural, dark brown.

Symmetrical knotting on a warp-faced ground.

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