Herat Antique Oriental Rugs



Bag Face Fragment
Baku District
East Caucasus


21" x 20" (mounted)
53 x 50 cm

Cat. #:

Visual energy is injected into the field composition with subtle variance in color, prolific use of undyed cotton and stick-figures that intriguingly assume a decidedly zoomorphic character.

Surviving sumak containers with this field design are comparatively rare and attribution to a specific Shirvan-Baku ethnic group is, in my opinion, quite tentative.

However, the presence of certain characteristics in this group of sumac weavings allow one to attribute the work to settled weavers in the Baku District.

These characteristics include but are not necessarily limited to fine weave, liberal use of undyed cotton, designs that are frequently related to pile rugs of the district and palette.

There is surface wear. Although there are areas of loss, sufficient portions have survived so as to allow the viewer to get an accurate sense of the whole.
Sumak (4/2) with irregular countering.
On Request
"So much natural, white cotton in such a small piece. I love it. Wonderful, moody colors. Only a few can be found in the market and most are in very poor condition. This one is quite good." Ed Koch
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