Herat Antique Oriental Rugs

Continuing A Family Tradition

My maternal grandparents came to the United States from Armenia in the late 1890’s. By the turn of the century, my grandfather and his brother were in the rug business in Springfield, Massachusetts. My grandfather loved America, his adopted homeland, but he remained an Armenian patriot.  He was, until his death, an Armenian’s Armenian. It might not be entirely accurate, and it ultimately became a family joke, but he sincerely believed every great Anatolian and Caucasian carpet was woven by an Armenian.

My childhood recollection is that my grandparent’s large, wonderful home had rugs everywhere. I especially loved the magical room with no furniture, only rugs, cushions and the huge golden platter from which were served Armenian pastries, hot, sweet tea and Turkish coffee. That was the environment in which I was raised.

My path to the rug business was a circuitous one; first, a collector, eventually a dealer. In the beginning, collecting was a hobby and a pleasant diversion. Eventually, my ‘daytime job’ started to interfere with my hobby.  Finally, my hobby became my ‘daytime job’.

I believe my experience as a collector has helped me be a better dealer because I have seen and experienced life from the perspective of both. As a dealer, I seek to acquire the finest in woven art based on rarity, color quality and aesthetic merit. And, just as importantly, I also strive to make the entire buying experience a pleasant, memorable and rewarding one.

Mr. Koch has exhibited at each of the recent ACOC (American Conference on Oriental Rugs) and ICOC (International Conference on Oriental Rugs) events. He has exhibited at tribal and antique shows in Santa Monica, Tucson, San Francisco, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and New York City. He has been selected to serve on the Vetting Committees at many of these shows.

Mr. Koch has been a speaker at the South Florida Rug Society, the Rotary Club of Miami, and the Kansas City Rug Society, the South Florida Cultural and Ethnographic Society and many other similar events.

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